Recreational Amenities

These vary and include an exercise room with its equipment, pool area, sauna, billiard/ping-pong/bowling areas, TV rooms, movie/theatre room, BBQ, etc.

Every resident has free access to the gym and pool and, depending on the declaration and the rules of each condo, the TV room and other recreational facilities.

In most condominiums, recreational venues are open only during day time and evening hours.

Certain amenities have to be reserved and this generally includes bowling alleys, party rooms, movie theatres, and guest suites. Reservations are taken by the concierge or superintendent and a form may have to be read and signed, a deposit paid, and a rental fee may also be required. The deposit will be entirely refunded once the concierge has carried out an inspection and found nothing that needs to be repaired. (Click here for Rental Fees, Guest Suites & Party Room Fees)

Owners and tenants have to familiarize themselves with the rules pertaining to each amenity.

Rules generally:

  • Limit the number of guests and the number differs depending on the facility involved
  • Pertain to safety and security so that people do not get hurt, such as “no diving” sign in a shallow pool
  • Prevent food and liquids (except for water) from being consumed in order to keep amenities clean and prevent damage or injury
  • Determine the age at which children can safely use a facility or equipment
  • Pertain to hygiene, such as not walking with street shoes and not allowing children who are not toilet trained in the pool areas
  • Suggest proper attire, such as not wearing bathing suits anywhere else except in the pool areas