Do Residents Have the Right to Use Their Unit for Business?

Not generally. Most residential condos have a clause in their declaration stating that the building is strictly residential. Or, yet, units are referred to as residential units. (Click here for What’s a Condo Declaration?)

Therefore, residents do not have the right to use their unit as an office or a small factory for business purposes. However, nowadays, with cell phones and computers, most people continue their professional activities when they return home. That’s totally acceptable and disturbs no one.

What is definitely prohibited is for residents to have business associates, employees, clients, or patients in the premises as well as use a great deal of office equipment, sewing equipment, storing supplies, and electricity as well as water for business purposes. This could involve doing laundry for others, operating a small catering business that requires cooking and refrigeration, a professional office such as a psychiatric or a legal office.

It is boards’ duty to terminate such arrangements. After due notices have been served and failed, a board could apply for a Court order to comply and the residents in question would likely have to pay Court fees as well.