Right to Notification for Entry into Unit

Right of notification for entry into unit is a right that is frequently violated in condos or is abused.


For instance, managers and superintendents do not have the right to inspect units before a status certificate is issued. And they do not have the right to inspect units to make sure that they are properly taken care of: This is none of their business and is an invasion of privacy--unless there is evidence that the safety of owners and the security of the building is at risk.

In other cases, fire inspections are carried out monthly in suites, plumbers enter suites to clean kitchen stacks several times a year, contractors come in to check out for balconies or sinks, etc. This is totally unwarranted and an invasion of privacy.

However, maintenance that is carried out on behalf of owners or that a condo is responsible to do requires that contractors enter units. Managers generally announce these services well over a week ahead of time by posting notices that are visible and accessible to all. Then, as the work progresses from floor to floor, managers post notices on each floor to let residents know that their turn has arrived.

Fan coil maintenance will take place on floors 10 through 14 on Wednesday through Friday. Please remove anything that is preventing access.


There are 5 important points that residents need to keep in mind:

  • Certain services, such as twice-yearly fan coil maintenance, require that residents remove furniture, TV sets, boxes, children’s toys, as well as plants from the area. Contractors are not paid to become movers. Even if they did move objects, it would cost much more money and delay the schedule for other residents. It is residents’ responsibility to clear out the area that will be serviced.  
  • Maintenance contractors are not allowed to enter suites alone when residents are not home. Rather, managers, superintendents, janitors, or concierge, will accompany contractors and remain with them for the duration of the service.
  • If a resident does not feel comfortable being left alone with a contractor, she can mention this to the manager ahead of time and a staff person will accompany the contractor.
  • The master key that allows access to all units is never given or loaned to a contractor. In fact, even the regular staff have access to this key only with manager’s or board’s permission. A sign sheet is a good idea so that managers can track the movement of the key.
  • Staff who enter a suite generally leave a note behind; this note gives the time and the reason for entry.
  • There are instances when staff may have to enter a suite without proper notification. This occurs when there is an emergency such as fire, water escape, or there is reason to believe that a resident is experiencing a health problem.

Please go into the section Other Important Residents' Rights below, in Right to Security, to read about some problems related to entry into units that arise and present a security issue.