Rights and Responsibilities Concerning Pets

The declaration or rules of a condo may prohibit pets, or regulate their type, number, and size. A prohibition on pets contained in the declaration will be upheld by Courts, but such a total prohibition in the rules may not be valid. However, rules can state the number of pets allowed as well as their weight. This is why potential owners who have pets should read the declaration and rules.

But even if dogs are prohibited by a declaration, this does not apply to dogs assisting persons with disabilities or illness.

Moving into a condo with 2 or 3 dogs when the limit is one—a reasonable limit, particularly in a high rise—and using the often-heard excuse of “my real estate agent said it was permitted” is not valid. A letter from the manager should follow requesting that only one dog remain.

Breeding pets is not allowed. But if puppies are born, they may stay for a reasonable period of nursing. If this is repeated, however, this will no longer be an accident. (Click here for Pets in General)


Large dogs present an unfair situation and a safety risk. Indeed, large dogs confined to a small unit will not have enough space in which to exercise. This constitutes a form of abuse. As well, other residents are more likely to be afraid of a big than a small dog. Second, lawyers have correctly argued that large dogs can present a safety risk in stairwells and corridors during a fire alarm.

All dogs have to be on a leash everywhere. Any mess they make is owners’ responsibility.

Dogs are often heard barking loudly in condo corridors or from adjacent suites. This situation should not be tolerated because it prevents residents from peacefully enjoying their living area and common elements.

Such pets may be removed after written warnings. Dog owners should not feel personally offended if neighbours complain about barking. Residents are not allowed to create undue noise: Neither should dogs be! (Click here for Barking Dogs)

Under no circumstances are dangerous pets, such as venomous snakes and other fancy venomous critters, allowed in a residential building.


Generally, guests do not bring pets in a condo building.