What Are Owners’ Responsibilities?

The success of a condo largely depends on the level of civility and cooperation of its residents, particularly resident owners. There is agreement among condo experts that residents’ civility constitutes an asset to a condo and can raise its market value. Indeed, potential owners often seek out condos where residents are reputed or observed to be “nice,” polite, and “well behaved.”

In general, owners and residents should:

respect the right of other residents to live in a quiet and peaceful environment

  • maintain their exclusive-use common elements in good order 
  • do their part in keeping the building and grounds clean and in good working order; in practical terms, this means that residents should not litter, spill food and liquids in corridors or elevators, or use their balconies as storage areas
  • learn and follow the rules of their condo
  • cooperate with management’s reasonable requests
  • attend their AGMs and do so in a civil way even when disagreements arise. Regular attendance at AGMs is not only functional for the condo itself but it is in the best interest of owners. Indeed, where else can owners learn what is going on in their condo (which is perhaps their biggest investment), especially when a board does not communicate?
  • provide filled proxy forms when not able to attend AGMs in person (for info on proxies, click here into Owners' Meetings and Voting)
  • elect conscientious boards of directors 
  • consider becoming a board member with a view of helping their community
  • treat staff with respect
  • save energy 
  • recycle and participate in green bin programs where available