Pets in General

Many residents in condos complain about dogs being allowed without a leash in corridors, elevators, lobbies, and grounds as well as exclusive-use backyards in townhouses. Others do their business in the common grounds, in the flower beds, and some pet owners do not do the “poop and scoop” drill. (Click here for Rights and Responsibilities Concerning Pets)

In some condos, dogs urinate on carpets but managers cannot charge the responsible owners because it is difficult to establish proof. Unfortunately, residents who complain refuse to point to the culprits. Managers need help if they are to stop a problem from occurring!

While some condos accept dogs, they have the right to regulate weight and number. A condo may allow up to three pets, for instance, a cat, a dog, and a bird. Or tropical fish or small turtles. But only one dog per suite is allowed.

One has to be realistic: For instance, a condo with 100 units that allows pets may have 25 suites in which there is a dog. If two dogs were allowed, the dog population could reach 50 or even 100. The barking alone would be unbearable in such a small space.