What Should Be Done to Improve Boards?

To begin with, the Condo Act has to tighten up the rules of who can become a director on condo boards. After all, condos are multi-million-dollar businesses, and the Act does not even require a background check to root out persons with criminal past. One can well imagine that, at least in theory, condo boards would be tempting positions for persons with fraud on their mind or in their past, or other proclivities that may be known to the police.

What would improve boards of directors' efficacy, ethics, and respects for owners' rights are:

  • Better government regulations, support, and enforcement--such as a Condo Ombudsman
  • Better understanding of condo rules, owners' rights, and financial issues by directors
  • Penalties to act as deterrents
  • Regulated management companies
  • Professional and licensed managers who are educated accordingly
  • More information given to owners about their rights and responsibilities

There is actually nothing inherently wrong with boards of directors that more oversight and better protection of owners would not cure. In fact, there is a lot of good with boards and this is a great civic commitment. They need more structure and institutional support. 

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