Requisitioned Meetings

Requisitioned meetings are special meetings. They are usually called or requisitioned by owners or by a board member or the entire board. For instance, if 3 of 5 board members suddenly resign, then the remaining two board members have to call a meeting as soon as possible because no board quorum exists and no business can be carried out. In such a situation, the remaining board members cannot appoint directors because they themselves no longer constitute a board: New board members need to be elected by owners as directors can be appointed by the board only when a quorum of directors remains.

Meetings are generally requisitioned by owners when:

  • a new rule is presented by the board and a number of owners disagree with it;
  • a board posts a notice to the effect that an existing rule is changed or is eliminated and a number of owners want it to remain;
  • some owners want to obtain more information from the board or have the board hear their concerns;
  • owners wish to vote against a board's decision to install a new system or proceed with an improvement that goes beyond 10% of the budget;
  • some owners want to remove a director from the board or want to remove the entire board.

In the latter case, the petitioning owners  would need to have a slate of competent replacement candidates willing to be on the board to replace the others.

How To Requisition a Special Meeting of Owners?

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