Common Problems of Condo Living

In this chapter, we cover condo problems caused by other residents... pets... and guests...! 

We begin with Noise Problems 

To find out what are the most common problems occurring in condos, please click here and consult the sections in Readers Respond.

For Problems located in other chapters:

Problems with access to condo records? Click here for Right of Access to Condo Records

Problems with the board of directors? Click here for Boards of Directors and, to see what other owners' problems are, click here for Issues With Boards of Directors

Problems with fees, liens? Click here for Owners' Money Facts and then Condos' Financial Structure

Problems with maintenance and repairs? Click here for What Are Managers' Duties? and FAQs About Your Building.

If you want to know who is responsible for repairs and maintenance, please click on Who is Responsible.

At any point in time, you may want to go into Readers Respond to read letters about various problems that other owners, board directors, and managers have experienced.

For other problems caused by residents, pets, and guests, please scroll down to the next sections below.